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2017 Apartment Excellence Awards Winners

rebecca - Thursday, June 29, 2017

Park View Apartments, City View Apartments, and Carson Street Commons are proud members of the Apartment Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh. This organization serves the Pittsburgh area to educate, lobby, communicate, and promote professionalism in all aspects of multi-family housing, according to their website.

All members of the Apartment Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh, otherwise known as AAMP, gathered at the Rivers Casino on Friday, June 16, 2017 for the annual awards ceremony. This reception is an acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication AAMP’s members put into their apartments.

Overall, there are 73 individual properties, containing 15,380 rental units in AAMP. Out of this number, in order for a property to qualify to win an award, they must receive a high score in their category on judging day.

All three of our properties’ staff members worked diligently to prepare their communities for the judges’ inspections. The day of the judging, a staff member from each community took the judges on a tour of their property to show off all key aspects.  Focusing on the overall condition of the building, signage/entrance, landscaping/grounds & parking, the condition of the model, occupied or vacant unit, the common areas and amenities, leasing office, and staff, the judges rank the properties.

The judges and committee members gather to establish which properties deserved an award based on their scores. The awards program recognizes the communities that achieve the highest standards of property management. Additionally, winners of the Apartment Excellence Awards demonstrate to their community, residents and peers that their property has the physical qualities, marketing creativity, and management caliber necessary to be called one of Pittsburgh’s best, according to their promotional materials.

Faros Residential Took Home Three Awards

We are pleased to announce that all three of our properties, Park View Apartments, City View Apartments and Carson Street Commons, won awards for Overall Community Appeal. This category encompasses all areas of the apartment community.  In addition to evaluating a community’s curb appeal judges view the property’s common areas, leasing office and a representative unit, according to their judging rubric.

Park View won Multi-Story Overall Community Award

City View won Highrise Apartment Overall Community Award

Carson Street Commons won Garden Apartments Overall Community Award

We are so proud of all of our communities representing Pittsburgh and bringing home awards. We can’t wait until next year, where we’ll hopefully keep the winning streak going!