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DIY Earth Day Herb Gardens

admin - Friday, March 31, 2017

DIY Herb Gardens

Growing an indoor herb garden is easy and has all the same benefits offered by an outdoor garden, but without the intense upkeep. Many small varieties of herbs, such as lavender, geranium, thyme, rosemary, aloe, sage, and lemon verbena actually survive better indoors than outdoors!

Finding an Herb for You

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, 2017, we’re providing herb seedlings to all interested residents. We’ll be passing out seedlings on the following days:

  • Wednesday April 19th @ City View Apartments
  • Thursday April 20th @ Carson Street Commons
  • Tuesday April 25th @ Park View Apartments

So, what do you do with your herb seedling? Herb seedlings need good potting soil and a container. Your seedling will come in a small container, but in order to reap the benefits of using the herb in recipes or homemade tea, it will take some easy gardening so it can grow and thrive.

You don’t need to purchase expensive containers or top soil and fertilizers that will break the bank. In fact, there are many containers that are probably sitting in your recycle bin (or trash can) that you can repurpose.

DIY Herb Gardens

Like we said, replanting your herb does not have to break the bank. Here are some of our favorite containers that we bet you can find in your apartment already!

All you have to do is carefully remove your seedling and soil and add it to your new container, like these one below. You may need to purchase and add more top soil.

A Mason Jar

Mason Jar

A Tea Cup

Tea Cup

A Can


Your Thriving Herb Garden

Now that your DIY garden is complete, then next step is where to locate it in your apartment.

Herbs thrive well on windowsills with eastern and southern lighting. If your herb has adequate natural lighting, they will not need additional lamplight or special lighting. However, if you don’t want your herb garden on your windowsill, or are afraid that your curious cat or dog will knock it over and make a mess, you will need to find an alternate lighting source – like a fluorescent light.

So, how often do you need to tend to your garden? Plants need proper watering to grow and thrive. But overwatering is harmful. One sign of overwatering is yellowing leaves. A major key to taking care of your garden is to maintain moist soil, but not soil with puddles.

Watching Your Herb Grow

Take photos of your herb as it grows and share it on our Instagram (@FarosResidential) or Facebook (@parkviewpgh, @cityviewpgh, @carsonstreetapts).

Discover the ‘Burgh Activities

rebecca - Thursday, March 16, 2017

Living in Pittsburgh has its perks – especially when it comes to planning out things to do in your free time. There’s never a dull moment or a lack of activities when you have three sports teams to follow (more if you count college sports!), three rivers for spring and summer boat rides or kayaking (okay we know there’s still snow on the ground, but we can hope!), and a cultural district with new plays and musicals erupting weekly.

Why You Should Love Where You Live

Park View Apartments, City View Apartments and Carson Street Commons are located in extremely walkable areas and within range of Pittsburgh’s public transportation system. As one of the first cities to have self-driving Ubers, Pittsburgh’s rideshare community also can help you get to the places you need to be. So, what’s going on in March? Check out some of our picks!

Cultural and Sporting Events Near Your Apartments

Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center hosts a range of conventions. This weekend is the last weekend to enjoy the Home and Garden Show boasting “10 acres with everything for your home!” Get inspired to decorate your apartment.

If you’re sick of winter, check out the Spring Flower Show at Phipps Conservancy. Experience “colorful sights and whimsical delights” at the Enchanted-Forest themed show opening this Saturday, March 18th.  Find a favorite flower? Stop by a nursery or a garden center to pick up an arrangement to brighten up your apartment!

Looking for a free cultural event? Drive out to Boyce Park this weekend, located in Monroeville and Plum, to the Maple Sugar Festival. Learn pioneer, Native-American, and modern methods of maple sugaring. There will be demonstrations and sampling!

Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary is a perfect event for you and your family. Learn Flamingo moves and interact with these colorful birds this weekend, March 18-19th. Even better – Park View residents have less than a five-minute walk

Speaking of birds, don’t forget to keep up with the Pittsburgh Penguins! Follow their schedule and see when games will be played at PPG Paints Arena or away.

Thinking of prepping for your next big race and being sporty on your own? Learn about virtual 5K races where you chose the course and time and report finishing time to the Race Entry team.

Your Musical Performance Checklist

Artists of all genres come to Pittsburgh and perform at stages such as Stage AE, Key Bank Pavilion, PPG Paints Arena, and the Peterson Events Center. Here’s a lineup of new sounds and performances coming to the ‘Burgh near your apartment.

What Are You Doing this Weekend?

Do you think you’ll try out one of our suggestions? Do you have events you want to see us promote? Get social with us on Facebook (@ParkViewPgh, @CityViewPgh, and @CarsonStreetApts)

Fish Fry-nspiration!

admin - Monday, March 13, 2017

The 2017 Lenten Season is observed between March 1st and April 15th, and during this time, many Christians all over the world abstain from eating meat on Fridays.

Whether or not you observe Lent, eating seafood – especially fish – has amazing health benefits. According to Heart.org, “The unsaturated fats in fish, such as salmon, actually have health benefits. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish and some plant sources, may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

So, for whatever reason you go meatless on Fridays (if any at all) we’ve selected four delicious seafood dishes that will add some fish-fry inspiration (without the unhealthy frying) into your life.

Cooking in Your Kitchen

The kitchens at Park View Apartments, City View Apartments and Carson Street Commons are designed with you in mind. The counterspace and appliances included in your apartment will help you with meal preparation – and hopefully guide you toward a positive cooking experience! Whether your apartment has an eat-in kitchen or a dining room table, we hope you enjoy these four delicious meals.

Baked Salmon Dijon

What you’ll need: Sour cream; dry dill weed; scallions; Dijon mustard; lemon juice; salmon filets; garlic powder; black pepper

What to do: Whisk sour cream, dill, onion, mustard and lemon juice in small bowl; preheat oven to 400; lightly oil a baking sheet; place salmon on prepared sheet and sprinkle with garlic powder and pepper and spread with the sauce; cook about 20 minutes

Courtesy of Everyday Health

Crispy Oven-Baked Fish

What you’ll need: tilapia filets; egg white; water; dry bread crumbs; lemon-pepper seasoning; garlic salt; lemon wedges; cooking spray

What to do: Preheat oven to 400; Line baking sheet with foil and spray with cooking spray; beat egg and water in one bowl and bread crumbs, lemon-pepper and garlic salt in another bowl; dip fish into egg mixture and coat with bread mixtures; spray fish with cooking spray; bake 10 minutes and turn fish to cook an additional 5-10 minutes; garnish with lemon wedges

Couresy of Betty Crocker

Simple Pasta with Leaks and Scallops

What you’ll need: Linguine; leeks; butter; white wine; Parmesan; sea scallops; olive oil; salt and black pepper; lemon zest; parsley

What to do: Caramelize the leeks in butter in a large frying pan on medium and then 20 minutes on low; boil and cook pasta; add leeks and grated parmesan to pasta; make white wine reduction sauce in the leek pan and pour over pasta; salt and pepper scallops and cook 2 minutes per side; separate pasta into dishes and garnish with scallops, zest and parsley.

Couresy of Food 52

Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas

What you’ll need: Shrimp; bell peppers; onion; chili powder; cumin; paprika; salt; black pepper; garlic; olive oil; cilantro; tortillas

What to do: Preheat oven to 400; lightly spray baking sheet; combine chili powder; cumin; paprika; salt and pepper and divide mixture in half; coat chopped vegetables in oil and half the spice mixture and coat shrimp in the other half of the mixture; cook vegetables 13 minutes; remove pan from oven and add shrimp and cook additional 7-8 minutes; serve in tortillas and add your favorite toppings

Courtesy of The Blond Cook

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Faros Properties’ Newest Perks Partners

admin - Friday, March 10, 2017


Have you heard the news? We’ve partnered with Pittsburgh’s AMPD Group to offer exclusive discounts to all residents at Park View Apartments, City View Apartments, and Carson Street Commons.

Who is AMPD Group?

AMPD Group is a dynamic entertainment and hospitality management company located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Formed in 2006 by Adam, Michael, & Patrick DeSimone, the partners have extensive experience in asset management, commercial real estate, finance, and international shipping. These backgrounds, coupled with the partners’ passion for entertainment and design, have given way to one of the premier hospitality organizations of the Pittsburgh region.

Why This Partnership Is So Amazing

  • Location, location, location! With restaurants located on the North Shore by Park View Apartments, Downtown by City View Apartments and South Side by Carson Street Commons, this partnership is an amazing fit because it is convenient to our residents.
  • Food for every mood! This group has 6 different well-known restaurants ranging from Mexican, to Asian, to American cuisine. Whatever flavor you’re craving, you can find it at an AMPD Group restaurant.
  • They love to expand! The newest restaurant to join the group is Social House 7 (the hot spot for our first 3-property meetup of 2017!) You never know when another restaurant will get added to our list!
  • Not to mention – the great discount! All AMPD Group restaurants will offer 10% off food. Enjoy their restaurants and snag a deal with your Perks card! Need a Perks card? Please feel free to stop by your property’s Management Office and ask for one!

Which Restaurant Do You Choose for 10% Off Food?

Delanie’s Coffee Shop: Located at 18th Street and Carson in Pittsburgh’s vibrant Southside, Delanie’s Coffee is more than just great coffee. The signature drinks, house-made pastries and desserts, along with the cozy atmosphere and local art features are what sets us apart from your standard coffee shop!

Local: Located on the North Shore and South Side, Local has become a favorite destination for those seeking excellent food in a relaxed setting. While many take advantage of the restaurants’ convenient pickup service, most stay and enjoy Local’s comfortable, rustic vibe. Unwind while enjoying lunch, dinner or weekend brunch on the Southside’s largest heated, enclosed roof-top deck or in the main dining area inspired by vintage Pittsburgh scenes.

Penn Society: Located below Ten Penny, Penn Society is a members only social club. It provides a comfortable and intimate setting in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Serving up custom cocktails and libations, rest assured you can sip your spirits slowly while enjoying your evening.

Social House Seven: Social House 7, the newest addition to AMPD Group, is a restaurant experience like none other. With an upscale izakaya, Asian fusion twist on the food, Social House 7 is the first of its kind in the Pittsburgh area. From the transforming decor to the hand-crafted cocktails served on both sides of the restaurant, the space offers a unique sophisticated day or night out on the town.

Steel Cactus: Steel Cactus Restaurante and Cantina provides a lively dining experience, both indoors and outdoors, for guests at our 3 locations throughout the city of Pittsburgh. Known for our famous “Yinzerita”, rooftop bars and dance floor, Steel Cactus stands out among the rest as a fun, tasty, and edgy destination for customers looking for a unique dining or drinking experience. Check us out on the South Side, Shadyside and North Shore!

Ten Penny: Ten Penny features an expansive menu in a comfortable setting. It is the perfect gathering place for a pre-theatre cocktail or a romantic nightcap. Rustic whitewashed brick, handsome wrought iron, sturdy Acacia wood, and pops of color throughout, add to the overall classic yet modern atmosphere.

Our Resident Events

As an added perk, we’re matching up with the following AMPD Group restaurants for Faros Residential Events in 2017:

  • March Resident Meetup @ Social House Seven
  • There’s still time to RSVP! Email rnagy@farosproperties.com to secure you’re spot!
  • June Rooftop Party Catered by Steel Cactus
  • August Resident Meetup @ Skybar
  • October Resident Meetup @ Penn Society

How to Learn More

Follow us on Facebook @ParkViewPGH, @CityViewPGH, @CarsonStreetAPTS, and subscribe to Rent Café for more updates on our 2017 resident Events.

5 Cleaning Tips

admin - Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Do you have that one friend whose apartment is always clean? Are you envious but don’t know where to start? Follow these 5 tips and you can achieve a freakishly clean apartment too.

  1. Master the Speed Clean

    So, your apartment is messy. And, you simply don’t know where to start, or how to start! Sometimes cleaning your entire apartment in one day just isn’t possible, especially if you actually only have a few hours after work or school and before bed.

    Solution? Write a list of everything that needs to get done. Then, set a timer for 30 minutes, and whatever tasks you get done in that allotted time is what you get done for the day. The timer adds pressure so you’re less likely to get sidetracked by social media, that call from your mom, your roommate etc. And if someone bothers you while you’re on the clock, you can give them a set time on when you’ll be done – because “I’ll be done in 30!” is way more encouraging.

  2. Host Guests

    There’s nothing more motivating to clean your apartment than knowing your in-laws, parents, or friends will be coming over. Hosting can help you get your butt into gear and make your apartment look acceptable.

  3. Keep Wipes Handy

    Your cat knocks over a glass on your coffee table? No problem. Wipe it up as soon as it happens to eliminate annoying residue. Your roommate walks through the front door with muddy shoes? Don’t sweat it – just wipe it up – right when it happens because your wipes are handy.

  4. Don’t let Junk Linger

    There’s junk mail, those holiday cards from your family members, old work papers, or school study guides. Train yourself to touch paper once. If you sort through a pile of mail and realize there is nothing useful, throw it away. Don’t make additional piles or sort junk. Same goes for knickknacks – if it’s only use is cluttering your apartment, it won’t be useful later.

  5. Do Dishes Before Bed

    If you go to bed with a messy house and dirty sink, smells can linger and you’ll be less inclined to handle it in the morning. Don’t let dishes overstay their welcome in your sink. Thank goodness for dishwashers…

Get social with us and share your favorite cleaning tips on Facebook @ParkViewpgh, @CityViewpgh, @CarsonStreetApts.