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The Best of the Burgh

rebecca - Thursday, September 28, 2017

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh has a pretty good reputation. We are known for our breathtaking city views, our insanely prideful sports fans, and some interesting, yet amazing food choices. It’s a city like no other and anyone that has lived here can tell you that. It’s a place that anyone can call home and that most people will never want to leave. They say it takes a special kind of person to live in a city, but Pittsburgh can be great for anyone! And here’s why:

It’s the Perfect Size

It’s small, yet big at the same time. Yes, the city itself is very small, but the surrounding areas make Pittsburgh so big. If the city life gets a little too crazy, you can travel just ten minutes to a suburb for a more relaxing feel. That’s the beauty of Pittsburgh. It’s a city that is guaranteed to make you feel at home.

The Cost of Living Can’t be Beat

Did you know that Pittsburgh’s cost of living is cheaper than the nation’s average? I know it’s crazy, but it’s true. Residents can live comfortably in a beautiful city without having the constant worry of how insanely expensive their rent is. Pittsburgh is known to be an affordable city to live in. The cost of living is notably cheaper in Pittsburgh than other major cities. That cost includes rent, utilities, food, and transportation.

The Food Will Blow You Away

We may have some weird combinations, but Pittsburgh is known for its food for a reason… it’s delicious! With a little bit of everything, you will never go hungry in this city. Some of the best food in the Burgh includes:

  • Primanti Bros.- Being the most popular sandwich in town, it’s a must have! Luckily, there are multiple locations around the city so you can never miss out the best sandwich this city has to offer.
  • Meat & Potatoes- Just like bread & butter, meat & potatoes just go together, so what better way to celebrate that combination, than by opening a restaurant in the heart of Pittsburgh? It’s just another perk to living in this great city.
  • Pizza, Pizza, Pizza- It’s the good kind of pizza… you know, the kind where the cheese melts off when you pick it up. The kind that tastes so good that you can never get enough. That’s the kind of pizza that Pittsburgh loves and has a whole lot of!
  • Burgatory: It’s like a burger and shake straight from heaven! Made with all fresh ingredients, these locally made burgers will be sure to impress you. All 8 locations around Pittsburgh will provide an exceptional experience with some great tasting food.
  • The Yard: Who doesn’t love a good gourmet grilled cheese? This local gastropub houses some of the best grilled cheese, burgers and beers in city. It’s just another restaurant that makes Pittsburghers proud.

There is Always Something to Do

We may not be the city the never sleeps, but we are the city that always has something fun to do. Whether it be attending a sporting event, going to fun bar with friends or participating in one, of the many, great events in Pittsburgh, you are sure to always have something to do!

There is reason why Pittsburgh is rated on the top cities to live in—Its one of a kind! And if you’re lucky enough to live here, take pride in this beautiful place. Attend some awesome events, become a diehard Pittsburgh sports fan, and eat as much great food as you possibly can. Everyone wants to love where they live and if you live here, that’s the easiest thing you’ll ever have to do!

Best Haunted Houses in or Near Pittsburgh

rebecca - Tuesday, September 26, 2017

As the air grows cooler many people are looking for something to give them even more chills. While the cool nights make it tempting to stay in and watch your favorite scary movie on the couch, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the thrill outside of your home.  The Pittsburgh area has acres of Haunted Attractions for you to make your way through this coming month. From hayrides to mazes, demons to clowns, and houses to farms, there is something out there to scare the pants off you.

You won’t have to travel to far for a scare! Pittsburgh has four different haunted attractions within 12 miles of the city.

Scarehouse—5 miles to Etna, PA

Ranked as “The Scariest House in America” by ABC news you are sure to get a thrill at this location. With three different haunts, one of them being new to the 2017 season you will be scared “to death”.

Attractions include Sunset Lodge, Infernal, and Nocturnia 3D. In addition, The Basement is an 18 and over experience requiring you to sign a waiver, BEWARE.  Experience this terror every Friday and Saturday until the beginning of November. The Scarehouse is also open some Sundays and Thursday so check it out to find the date for you. Don’t forget to get your tickets online for a discounted rate!

Haunted Camp Guyasuta—7.4 miles to Sharpsburg, PA

This event is one night only! Head over to the campground to take a hayride, zip line, try the climbing wall and enjoy a bonfire. Don’t worry you will still get a thrill here. Take the Haunted Trail to really get spooked! Saturday, October 21st 3:00-9:00 pm. The scary trail starts at 6:00pm and lasts until 9:00! You can purchase tickets online for a discount price here.

Kennywood’s Phantom Fright Nights—12 miles to Pittsburgh, PA

When fall comes Kennywood is no longer a fun-loving amusement park but instead 80 acres of horror. Your favorite rides and eateries are transformed into some of the scariest places you will ever see. Don’t worry the scares aren’t limited to each attraction, the demons and clowns are roaming the park to scare you at any time!

Fright Nights are every Friday and Saturday beginning September 29th through October 28th. Park is open from 6:00pm until midnight. Featured Sundays the park will be open!

Pro-tip: College discount nights are scattered throughout the season.

Hundred Acres Manor—12 miles to Bethel Park, PA

1 mile’s worth of haunted activities you won’t want to miss. Attractions on sight include: Dead Lift, The Host, Torture Tank, Vodou, The Breach, and Hallow’s Eve. These haunts have been ranked as one of America’s scariest haunted attractions, see for yourself! Open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in September and Wednesday and Thursdays are also open in October! Check it out here.

The following haunted attractions are a little further from the city but are worth the drive!

Castle Blood—29 miles to Monessen, PA

This haunted house is set in a 100-year-old funeral home, so we can’t guarantee the ghosts aren’t real making this attraction even creepier. This haunted house features an adventure tour with new game challenges so you can keep coming back! Not into the scary stuff? Head over during the afternoon for No-Scare Tour. Check out the schedule and ticket prices here.

Cheeseman’s Fright Farm—40 miles to Portersville, PA

This farm in the middle of nowhere is creepy enough as is, add in being chased by someone with a chainsaw and you will really be frightened. Enter the cornfields if you dare. In addition to the fright farm, there is a bonfire to hang around with friends for a perfect fall night. Check it out.

Demon House—30 miles to Monongahela, PA

This haunted attraction is based off of the legend of seven men entering the mansion and none returning. Don’t worry, we THINK you’ll make it out alive. In addition, warm up by the bonfire or enjoy a horror film at the outdoor movie theater. Find out when to go here.

Maybe scary attractions aren’t your thing? Hang with us at our Howl-o-ween themed resident meet up in October! Come on down to Howl at the Moon between 6 and 8 pm for Boos and Booze! First 40 residents will receive a drink ticket and all residents will enjoy light appetizers! You won’t want to miss the SPOOK-tacular raffles! A handful of residents will win $100 off of one month’s rent! RSVP to rnagy@farosproperties.com for a spooky good time!

Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Comfort Foods

rebecca - Monday, September 25, 2017

From time to time, most of us are guilty of succumbing to our favorite comfort foods: gooey mac and cheese, buttery mashed potatoes, warm chocolate chip cookies. We know we shouldn’t but sometimes its too hard to say no. Incorporating healthy alternatives into our lives isn’t always the easiest—or the most appealing—option, but here are a few easy swaps to make your guilty pleasures a little more innocent:


Cauliflower is the trendy vegetable that’s making a comeback. You might think of it as the flavorless, white, broccoli-looking vegetable that your mom used to steam when you were a kid; but check out these recipes for more creative ways to get your veggies without even knowing they’re there:

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes


Cauliflower Fried Rice


Cauliflower Cheesy Breadsticks


Cauliflower Fettuccini Alfredo


Greek Yogurt

When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, Greek Yogurt can be your secret weapon. Think beyond the plain yogurt you pile with honey, granola, and fruit for breakfast. Take a look at these recipes to find out how to keep your baking lean without losing any of the flavor:

Blueberry Pancakes


Chocolate Chip Cookies




Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt


After a long work week, eating healthy isn’t always our favorite or easiest option. Does a salad make you feel better after a stressful day at the office? Probably not—it is called comfort food for a reason. So, next time you want to treat yourself to a special something, keep these healthy alternatives in mind, and keep your comfort food guilt-free.


Beer Tasting Hike and Boat Cruise

admin - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It is a well-known fact that some things just go together. Cookies and milk. Peanut butter and jelly. And of course, Pittsburgh and beer.

If you love your city and beer as much as most Pittsburghers do, check out Venture Outdoors Beer Tasting Hike and Boat Cruise on September 23rd. This event begins with a 3-mile hike over Pittsburgh’s bridges and down the river trails from the Strip District to the North Side. While “hike” may seem intimidating to some, don’t let it scare you away. According to Venture Outdoors, this expedition is categorized as “easy.”

The hike is followed by a relaxing cruise on the Pittsburgh Water Limo where you can enjoy the view of Pittsburgh while feasting on a variety of fantastic, micro brewed beers, bread, and cheeses. The Pittsburgh Water Limo is one of the most popular ways to see Pittsburgh while enjoying a relaxing evening.

This event is a perfect date night with your significant other or a causal night out with friends. No matter who you go with, you will certainly enjoy the night! So, be sure to mark your calendars, grab a friend, and take advantage of this unique way to tour Pittsburgh.

This one of a kind event takes place on September 23rd from 5:30-8:30 and is a 21+ event. It’s a steal at only $52 per person. If you are a member of Venture Outdoors, the price is only $40. This great opportunity is in high demand and fills up quickly, so be sure to register soon. There are currently 31 spots left!

Share your adventure with us and post an image on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #BeerNight.
To register, visit this link:


Best Asian Cuisine in the Burgh

rebecca - Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Happy National Fortune Cookie Day! In case you’ve never had one, it is a crispy cookie that contains a small piece of paper with a fortune written on one side and a Chinese phrase as well as lucky numbers on the other.  While these are often served at Chinese Restaurants in the U.S. they are not actually served in China at all.  While no one is entirely sure when fortune cookies became a thing, many Americans are sure glad they did.

In order to celebrate today, Pittsburgh has a ton of Asian-inspired places for you to get your fix. Whether you are looking for a nice restaurant to go to and enjoy your meal or you would prefer to sit in front of the TV with take out boxes, this city has the plate for you.

While fortune cookies are most commonly served at Chinese restaurants, why not embrace all the delicious styles of Asian cuisine. Here is a list of some of the best places around Pittsburgh to indulge in authentic Asian food!

  1. Everyday Noodles

If you are looking for a unique way to experience amazing noodle dishes, you have got to try this place. The chefs are turning dough into noodles right behind a glass window. From noodle soups to dry noodles you will not be disappointed.

5875 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 (Squirrel Hill)

  1. How Lee Chinese Food

Get your delicious yet classic “American” Chinese food at this spot. An order of General Tso’s chicken and an Egg Roll (or 2) will satisfy your Chinese cravings.

5888 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 (Squirrel Hill)

  1. Café 33

This Laundromat turned Taiwanese café is sure to keep you coming back for more. With a ton of seafood dishes from shrimp to jellyfish, the most daring eaters will be just as pleased as the mild.

1711 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 (Squirrel Hill) 

  1. Nicky’s Thai Kitchen

Enjoy some of the best Thai cuisine in the city of Pittsburgh in the adorable back garden area of the North Side location. You cannot go wrong with their Pad Thai or tasty curries.  What’s even better? BYOB at the North Side spot.

856 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233 (North Side)

903 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (Downtown)

1026 Mount Nebo Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 (North Hills)

  1. Soba

Bring a group of friends or take your significant other on a date because this place is all about sampling and sharing. From traditional Asian cuisine to Asian-inspired American dishes, this place will not disappoint.

5847 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 (Shadyside)

  1. Chinatown Inn

Enjoy fantastic traditional Chinese for affordable prices. From Pork to beef to chicken to seafood to vegetarian options, you are bound to find your favorite Chinese dish on this menu.

520 Third Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (Downtown)

  1. Nak Won Garden

Although many are not as familiar with Korean cuisine, it is delicious! Try traditional dishes like Bibimbap or Bulgogi and you will not regret it. Bonus: BYOB!

5504 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 (Shadyside)

  1. Social House 7

This Japanese izakaya-style restaurant may have recently opened but they sure do know what they are doing. Try anything cooked over the Robata grill and you will not be sorry. Perk Alert! Use your Faros perks card here to receive 10% off your food purchases.

123 7th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (Downtown)

What makes Pittsburgh one of the best cities to live in is the opportunity to find little Chinese restaurants on almost any street in this city! Find your favorite and share with us on Instagram!

Fall into Fall Activities

rebecca - Monday, September 11, 2017

Now that Fall is fast approaching, its time to fill your calendar with some great activities. With a variety of different things to do that allow you stay indoors, enjoy great food and drinks outside, or get active, Pittsburgh has some great options to keep you busy throughout the months of September and October!

Upcoming Festivals, Tours, and Events:

Hickory Apple Festival

If you love Fall and all of the celebrations that go along with it, you won’t want to miss out on this Festival that celebrates everything apple. Apple pie, apple butter, apple cider… you name, they got it! Benefitting the Mt. Pleasant volunteer fire department, this event is the perfect way to get into the Fall spirit, while helping out a great cause.


Phantom Fright Nights

The time has finally come for chilly weather, warm drinks and, of course, the terrifying weekend nights of the Halloween season. Phantom Fright Nights has finally returned to Kennywood! Rated one of USA Today’s Top10 Halloween theme park events, Phantom Fright Nights is sure to give you the thrill of everything scary and haunting.


Brews in the Park

Love Kennywood, but not a fan of the haunting Halloween scares? Brews in the Park will be perfect for you! On September 23 you can sample dozens of craft beers and delicious food, while enjoying all of the fun that Kennywood has to offer. Select rides will be open from 2-4p.m.


Pierogi Festival

And if you still haven’t had enough of Kennywood, be sure to stop by for the Annual Pittsburgh Pierogi Festival! Enjoy some of Pittsburgh’s best food, by sampling from dozens of restaurants and chefs with the best pierogi recipes!


Upcoming Athletic Events:

The Great Race:

This Pittsburgh tradition is one of the biggest annual races in the city. The route for this 10k starts in Frick Park and takes runners through Oakland, down Boulevard of the Allies, and ends at Point State Park. If you want a run that takes you through the beauty of this city, be sure to register!


Pittsburgh Penguins 6.6k Run and Family Walk:

Want to run for a great cause? This 6.6k, dedicated the great Mario Lemieux, benefits the cancer research and patient care initiatives of the Mario Lemieux foundation and the youth initiatives of the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. The race starts at PPG Paints Arena, goes across two bridges, through one tunnel and concludes at the Mario Lemieux statue on Centre Avenue. Each participant and volunteer will also have the chance to sit in on the Penguins open practice after the completion of the race.  https://www.mariolemieux.org/events/6-6k-run-and-family-walk/

Run Shadyside:

On October 7 you can run to benefit the Boys and Girls Club by participating the Run Shadyside race. Starting at the intersection of Walnut and Ivy, runners will run through the nicely paved roads of Shadyside to benefit a great cause.  https://www.runshadyside.com

Steelers 2017 Schedule:

9/17 vs. Minnesota Vikings 1:00p.m

10/8 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00p.m

10/22 vs. Cincinnati Bengals 1:00p.m

11/26 vs. Tennessee Titans 8:25p.m

11/26 vs. Green Bay Packers 8:30p.m

12/10 vs. Baltimore Ravens 8:30p.m

12/17 vs. New England Patriots 4:25p.m

12/31 vs. Cleveland Browns 1:00p.m

Upcoming Music and Art Events:

Katy Perry’s WITNESS Tour:

Since her album dropped in June of this year, WITNESS will be her first tour debut since 2015. Her hit single ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ is just one of the songs on her new album that focuses on change in Perry’s life and the world around her. Join Perry on September 22 at PPG Paints Arena!


Ed Sheeran’s DIVIDE Tour:

Sheeran’s North American Tour started in June of this year and is making its way to Pittsburgh on September 26 at PPG Paints Arena. Hit singles ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Castle on the Hill’ are just two of the songs on his new hit album.


Andy Warhol: Stars of the Silver Screen:

Be sure to check out Warhol’s Stars of the Silver Screen before it ends on September 24. This exhibition displays Warhol’s passion with celebrities and old Hollywood and how is life went from fan to starmaker and star.


Out of Sight:

Be the first to witness the ‘Out of Sight’ exhibit on September 12 at the Andy Warhol Museum. This 2-D graphic text-based structure allows visitors to engage with words through movement. Created by artist Lawrence Weiner, this piece is an interactive structure that invites guests to engage, reflect, and express.


What are you favorite Pittsburgh events? Are there ones you participate in annually, or are you experiencing any for the first time this season? Let us know! Connect with us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/parkviewpghwww.facebook.com/cityviewpgh, and www.facebook.com/carsonstreetapts) or Instagram us @farosresidential!


Night of 1,000 Marilyns

rebecca - Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Did you miss your calling as a Hollywood Star? Forget your mundane duties and embrace your inner Hollywood for one evening at The Andy Warhol Museum’s “Night of 1,000 Marilyns.”

On September 16th, the Andy Warhol Museum welcomes you to dress up as your favorite movie star and explore all seven floors of the Museum.  This event runs from 8 PM – 12 AM and is proudly sponsored in part by Faros Properties.

A myriad of events will make this night special.  When you arrive in costume, get glammed up with Cardamone’s Salon free hair and makeup styling.  Once you’re satisfied with your final look, enjoy the rest of the evening featuring a DJ, dancing, disc jockeys, and much more fun.  The night will culminate with a drag show featuring Bambi Deerest.

At $200, VIP tickets include access to the VIP lounge, unlimited drinks, and hors d’oeuvres.  The General admissions ticket, priced at $50/$45 members, includes one drink and hors d’oeuvres.

This event features a unique, late-night ticket for only $25.  This includes dessert and, of course, cash bars are available.

Residents are able to purchase tickets by visiting this link:

Night of 1,000 Marilyns

How To: Host a House-Warming Party

rebecca - Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hosting a housewarming party is an exciting time for any new homeowner, but we all know how stressful the planning can be. And while it is important to make sure the guests will have a good time, it is just as important to make sure the host treats themself to a nice time as well. Planning a housewarming party without stress can be challenging, but it is possible! Here are some tips to make your planning easy and stress-free.

Create a To-DO List with a Timeframe

Make a list of things that need to be done and give yourself a time frame of when they need to be done to prevent procrastination. This list should include cleaning, cooking, shopping, decorating, etc. Keep the list simple and doable.

Attend the Monthly Resident Meetups

When you move into a new apartment, meeting new people can often be a challenge; therefore having people to invite to your housewarming party can be difficult. Luckily, Faros Residential hosts monthly resident meetups for all residents to make new friends… new friends that could potentially attend your housewarming party. Attend these events and make new friends. Planning a party is always easier when you have a great guest list.

The next meetup is scheduled for September 7 at the Children’s Museum from 6:30-9:30.

Make the Invitations Simple

A housewarming party should be more of a fun and casual gathering, rather than a crazy and extravagant birthday bash, so keep the invites simple. An email or even a text is the best way to invite your guests. You can also spread the word by conversation. If you see your neighbor in the gym or lounge, mention the party to them. Simple invites make for a simple and fun party.

Set up a Bar with Tasty Apps.

Whether you are able to provide all of the alcohol or your party is BYOB, be sure to have a place for all of the drinks. This will provide your guests with the opportunity to make their own drinks and it will allow you to relax and have fun.

Keep the food simple. Make some tasty appetizers like buffalo chicken dip, sliders, cheese & crackers, and nut variations. Make sure the food tastes great and is easy to eat!

Use Paper Products

The worst part about a party is the cleanup when it’s over. A great way to make the cleanup easier is to use paper products for the party. When shopping for supplies, be sure to get some nice paper plates and napkins. This keeps the party simple and the kitchen clean.

Have a Killer Playlist Ready

A party is nothing without good music. Be sure to have a long playlist with all of the great classics and new hits. If conversation dies down between the guests, music will be there to fill the awkward silence. Make sure the playlist has some great songs that everyone will enjoy!