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5 Recipes to Reinvent Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

rebecca - Monday, November 20, 2017


The beauty of the Thanksgiving feast should never have to end, and if you’re lucky enough to have leftovers from your turkey day meal, check out our favorite ways to reinvent and repurpose your favorite, classic dishes.


Turkey Pot Pie

Give this homey classic a Thanksgiving-inspired upgrade and swap out your shredded chicken for turkey. Use your favorite vegetables and get cooking on this savory pie that is guaranteed to be a family favorite. Need to upgrade a little further? One user suggests swapping out the crust for cornbread—and we think she might just be a genius.


Thanksgiving in a Blanket

A twist on our favorite appetizer, the Thanksgiving in a Blanket brings a fresh twist to repurposing several leftovers at once. Simply fold up your favorites—whether that’s turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, or cranberry sauce—into crescent roll dough and bake as directed. If you’re smart, you’ll save just enough gravy for dipping.


Turkey Cheese Dip

You already loaded on the carbs on Thanksgiving day, so why stop now? This dip takes your leftover turkey and combines it with two kinds of cheese, garlic, onion, and mayo to produce the creamy dip of your dreams. The best part? This dip is baked in your very own bread bowl. We dare you to find a reason not to make this dip.


Turkey Cranberry Quesadilla

I know what you’re thinking: “Thanksgiving and Mexican food? I’m missing the connection.” Well, this recipe proves that the beauty of this tortilla sandwich knows no bounds. Top your turkey with shredded Swiss cheese and as much cranberry sauce as your heart desires, melt some butter, and get sizzling. Trust us on this one, it’s the perfect easy solution to all your post-Thanksgiving cravings.


Mashed Potato Puffs

It only seems natural that we devote one of everyone’s favorite dishes the attention it deserves with a reinvention of its own. Simply add sour cream, parmesan, and sharp cheddar to your left over taters, spoon into a cupcake pan, and let your oven do the rest. These cheesy beauties are as simple as they are delicious, and easily customizable. Get adventurous and add bacon, turkey, or whatever your heart desires—this is one risk you won’t regret it.


Its hard to let go of our favorite day of feasting, but hold onto your leftovers and keep these recipes close at hand to make your day after Thanksgiving blues a little bit more bearable. And, while you’re at it, stay in your PJ’s and cue up the Netflix, we wont judge—in fact, we encourage it.


Happy Thanksgiving!