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Benefits of Dog Parks

admin - Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why Dog Parks Benefit Fido

Let’s say your dog has an online dating profile – his top interests would probably be going on a walk, playing fetch, and getting belly rubs. He’d obviously want to find other dogs with similar hobbies, but wouldn’t know how to find them. So he went on the Internet and matched with other dogs, also desiring socialization. Now, it’s up to you to read his dog mind and take him to the dog park, which is the best place to bring your dog to meet other dogs! Studies show that there are many advantages of dog parks for your dog and yourself.

Advantages of Dog Parks

Dog-dog social interaction

While dog parks are NOT for every dog or dog owner, if you own a trained dog with up-to-date shots and vaccines that gets along well with others, dog-dog social interaction is very beneficial. It allows for dogs to get adequate physical and mental exercise, which lessens annoying behaviors (barking, begging, scratching, whining) that occur as a result of pent-up energy.

Dog People – Meet Dog People

Dog parks give pet owners the excuse to get out of their comfort zone and interact with other dog-oriented people. If your dog hits it off with another pet, doggy play dates can be arranged (and if you hit it off with another dog owner, you could make an instant friend!) Dog parks are great places to learn about dogs through observation and learn about training, habits, and tricks from experienced owners who like to share.

Things to Consider

Always be aware in dog parks and protect yourself and your pets. If you don’t think your dog will get along with others or if other dogs are too big or aggressive or exhibit any signs of sickness, skip the dog park.

Just as you prepare yourself for an afternoon out on the town, make sure you bring water for your dog to keep him hydrated, doggie waste bags to clean up after your pet, and toys! Read our pet safety blog for more tips before hitting the park.  

Fun Places for Fido

Park View’s Dog Park

Designed with your pup in mind, all Park View Apartment residents have access to this fenced-in dog park with special pea gravel that’s designed so that water easily drains into the gravel to fill in the gaps between the small stones. After a rainy day, the gravel lot is ready to provide a dry playing area for dogs.

South Side Dog Park

Follow S. 18th Street behind the Giant Eagle Supermarket.

Perfect for Carson Street Commons’ residents, this dog park is a nice alternative to walking the sidewalks of South Side.

Point State Park

The Point

This beautiful park boasts great views and has ample land to run your dog around on a leash. Enjoy the fountain and watch boats speed by with your pup!