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admin - Monday, June 12, 2017

Everyone has a basic understanding of brunch—not breakfast, but not exactly lunch. It’s usually midday, and is a lighter meal than either breakfast or lunch, with the term “brunch” being a combination of the two. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, “brunch” first appeared in print in an 1895 Hunter’s Weekly article, where British author Guy Beringer suggested the benefits of a lighter meal, versus that of a heavy, post-church feast. Though the exact origin is unclear, the practice of brunch caught on in the United States in the 1930s, as it served those who traveled via train with a late morning meal, and allowed hotels to feed guests when restaurants were closed on Sundays due to church. Brunch also invited people to sleep in, which is always a treat after a long week of work.

Brunch has remained consistently popular, and often combines both breakfast and lunch foods, with the inclusion of mimosas and bloody Marys (yay!) A lot of major city restaurants have taken to offering brunch menus, while some are specifically catered toward brunch alone. Because this is such a trending topic, we’ve taken the liberty of listing some of Pittsburgh’s best brunch spots, as voted by magazines, Yelp reviews, and general popularity.

Bar Marco: offers handcrafted cocktails, tiramisu French toast, and brown sugar bacon and apple-cinnamon pull aparts
Brunch is served 10am-3pm Saturday & Sunday.

Coca Café: the brunch menu changes weekly but consists of five or six selections from the regular breakfast menu. Just for an idea as to what they serve, past menus have included tea-smoked salmon scramble, fried eggplant benedict, and challah French toast!
Brunch is served 9am-2pm on Sunday.

DiAnoia’s Eatery: has specialty espresso beverages, a variety of house cocktails, and Italian menu items.
Brunch is served 10am-2:30pm on Sunday.

Point Brugge Café: offers both individual and shared platters, based on if you want to focus on one meal or try a little bit of everything, with, of course, a drink menu featuring mimosas, bloody Marys, champagne, and sparkling hard cider.
Brunch is served 11am-2pm on Sunday.

Smallman Galley: this restaurant is a little different, in that it features four separate kitchens with their own chefs. Guests can choose to eat at just one kitchen, or move around between all four. There are Dutch baby pancakes, scrambled eggs on toast, and chicken and waffles, just to name a few menu items.
Brunch is served 10am-3pm Saturday & Sunday.

There are a lot of different brunch restaurants scattered all throughout the city, so no matter where you live in Pittsburgh, you are almost always guaranteed to satisfy your brunch craving. It is a true art—finding the perfect balance between breakfast and lunch food, while creating new flavors and combinations to keep customers coming back—but it’s an art that we will always cherish! If you want to brunch on your own, meet up with coworkers, or go out for a family member’s birthday, be sure to check out the restaurants listed above. Allow yourself some time to sleep in, relax, and try new foods. And of course, happy brunching!