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City View’s Kentucky Derby Party

rebecca - Friday, May 5, 2017
Kentucky Derby Traditions

And they’re off! This Saturday, many will gather at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky to watch the horses race and the winner receive its roses at the 143rd Kentucky Derby! The Derby-goers will sing “My Old Kentucky Home” and place their bets on the horses, all while wearing big hats on their heads and sipping on Mint Juleps.

These three Kentucky Derby traditions are as much a staple to the first Saturday of May as the race is. But how did they come about?

The Roses.

The tradition of using these flowers began as a decoration at a Derby party by the founder of Churchill Downs, Meriwether Lewis Clark. They then went on to become a bouquet presented to the Derby winner, and are currently presented as a garland around the champion horse.

The Mint Julep.

This tasty beverage is a mixture of Bourbon, water, sugar, and mint served in a tin silver cup and is sure to keep you refreshed while sitting in the sun at the racetrack. While there is no clear answer as to why this drink was chosen as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, the strong connection between the state of Kentucky and the cooling cocktail makes it the drink of choice for all those in attendance.

The Big Hats.

A staple item of a women’s attire at the Kentucky Derby is an over-the-top, bold hat. It all started in Great Britain because a formal outfit for women included a hat. In 1875, when the Kentucky Derby first began, British and American women attending the Derby wanted to dress their best and to do so, it was essential to sport a hat. Interestingly, the style of hat you wear depends largely on where you are seated at the Churchill Downs. Women in the general admissions area tend to wear extraordinary hats while the seated women lean towards more sophisticated headwear.

City View’s Kentucky Derby Party

Saturday, May 6th, from 2-4 pm, we will be hosting our very own Kentucky Derby Party in the City View Apartments!  Everyone is encouraged to join their neighbors dressed in pastels and donning their biggest hats. We will “sip” on mint-julep shooters, snack on popcorn, and have raffles! You don’t want to miss this!