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Energy Saving Tips

rebecca - Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Depending on your apartment – whether it’s Carson Street Commons, City View Apartments, or Park View Apartments, you are responsible for different utilities. If you find yourself wondering if there are ways to reduce your bills whether it’s in this apartment or your next home, check out these helpful energy saving tips.

Save Energy

Keep your fridge full

We’re used to hearing, “Keep the fridge closed!” but there is a better way of keeping it cool in there. If you keep your fridge full, all the items in there are more likely to act as insulation, which minimizes the energy your fridge uses to keep it cool.

Line dry your laundry

It’s no secret how much energy your dryer can use . If you have a dryer in your apartment, you can use a garment rack to hang-dry your clothes instead. Save up some money by line drying your clothes.

Adjust your dish washer

Turn off the heat dry on your dish washer (if you have one). This saves up a lot of electricity that is being used to steam dry your dirty dishes. At the end of the cycle, let your load sit until it dries.

Save Water

Avoid hand washing dishes

When you wash dishes by hand, gallons of water can be wasted. Instead, make sure you fill up your dishwasher and run it to save water.

Don’t defrost foods with running water.

Running your water can use up to two gallons per minute. A good way to save this water is by putting your frozen foods the night before on the fridge. This way they will defrost while you’re sleeping.

Decorate with drought resistant plants

Let’s be honest. Most of the time people forget to water their plants, but when they do, they drown then in copious amounts of water. Solve this problem by getting drought resistant plants that only required to be watered every other day. Not only will you have a plant that survives a long time but also one that is easy to take care of and saves you money.

How to Lower Your Gas Bill

Make sure vents aren’t covered

It seems like vents are always located in the most inconvenient places, usually where your furniture goes. Instead of having your couches against the vents, remember to keep at least two or three inches in between to help the air circulate.

Layer up

Who doesn’t like to watch a movie all cuddled up with a bunch of blankets?

Whether you use these tips now, or in the future, it’s always good to know ways to save energy and save money.