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Fall Home Decoration

rebecca - Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A change in season means a change in home décor — Fall is finally here and if you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to make your home transition from the warm summer weather to the cool crisp days and nights of autumn. They say— home is where the heart is— so take pride in the place you call home and make it look its best by following this year’s fall trends!

Barn Wood

Barn Wood décor is one of the newer rustic trends that is guaranteed to make your home feel cozy and warm. There are many easy tips and ideas to follow to add barn wood decorations to your place, and the best part is that it will look amazing! This year’s barn wood trends include a lot of DIY decorations like shelves, frames and wine racks. There are tons of great ideas on Pinterest and Etsy, so find what you like and add it to your place for the perfect fall feel!



Mason Jars

The use of mason jars has become very popular over the past few years. This easy and cheap décor idea adds a nice, flattering touch to your home. You can use a mason jar for anything! They can be used as flowerpots, utensil holders, candle holders or even for spice storage. I have also seen many people use mason jars for toiletry storage. One for your Q-tips, one for your toothbrush and toothpaste, one for your cotton balls, and even one for some of your favorite lip colors. Mason jars are the perfect addition to anyone’s apartment that can be used year-round!



Woven Textures

Lots and lots of woven textures! There are so many easy ways to bring woven elements into your apartment this fall. Many trending homes have woven rugs and furniture pieces as well as pillows, blankets and baskets. This trend will bring the perfect warm feel into your home just as the weather starts to cool down!


Blush Pink

It’s time for everything to be pretty in pink again! Blush pink is back and better than ever! This trend will add some nice subtle color to your home. Try spicing up your apartment and add some nice blush accent elements like pillows, candles or lamps. You can also try adding some other subtle colors to really bring out the blush. Faded colors are in right now, so add some baby blues and light greens to make your home really pop! It will add some brightness to the gloomy fall days and will look amazing!


Colorful Quilts and Rugs

Plain and boring is out, and color in finally in! The new trend is to ditch your all white rugs and comforters and add some color to your home! Colorful rugs and quilts are the perfect addition to your fall décor. They are a good-looking element that will bring warmth and comfort into your home this fall!


Matte Black

We all love some good black… black sweaters, black jeans, black shoes and yes, black home accessories. Matte black is in! It’s simple and looks great! Whether it’s an entire furniture piece, or just some small accessories, adding matte black into your home this fall is the way to go! You can even take items that already in your home and paint them black. Matte black accents are really trendy right now, like vases, frames, shelves and utensils. This is an easy and cheap way to make your home trendy, so get to it!