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Hibernation 101.3

admin - Tuesday, February 2, 2016

~preparing your style for the winter~

It’s safe to say that somewhere deep down, everyone fears looking like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgeyexOAOIg when they prepare to enter the cold. Puffy, bundled, strangled by a scarf – it’s not a good or practical look. But how do you adjust your style for the winter? Read our three tips for preparing your style for the winter. 

1. Be smart about layering. 
Think about adding pops of color, collared shirts, cardigans, and bright scarves to tie the whole outfit together. Invest in one good vest that goes with everything for added warmth and style. 

2. Try and avoid the “groutfit…”

… or any of its relatives (bloutfit, black outs, etc.) It’s tempting to hop into sweats in the winter, but while it’s an acceptable look in your apartment, try and challenge yourself to leave it at home.

3. Don’t let separation anxiety get to you.

Do you have that one summer staple tank, dress or t-shirt that you can’t imagine parting with? Create new looks with winter suede shoes, jackets, sweaters and tights.