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Holiday Apartment Décor

admin - Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tomorrow marks the start of December which means it is officially acceptable to decorate our homes for the holiday season! Whether you want to turn your place into the North Pole or just add a few festive items to spice up your apartment, we have gathered the latest trends to transform your home for the holidays. Blast your favorite holiday tunes, have a few friends over and get decorating!

Eucalyptus Garland

Forget the traditional garland you’ve seen all over Christmas trees and mantles for decades, instead try using Eucalyptus in its place! This style gives your apartment a festive look that is chic instead of tacky.

Marquee Lights

This year, don’t waste hours trying to figure out which strand of lights still works. Swap your old lights out for these Marquee Letter Lights! Choose whatever words mean the most to you during the holiday season and decorate your place with them!

Small touches to your kitchen

You don’t want to overcrowd your home with a ton of decorations that will leave it feeling smaller. Decorate your kitchen in a few small ways that are really festive. Grab a few mason jars and stuff them with Candy Canes, marshmallows, and Hot Cocoa Powder. Not only are these adorable for decorations, you can eat them too!

Pinecones, Walnuts, and Candles

A few simple items go a long way when decorating for the holidays. Add a few pinecones and walnuts to a bowl or simply place them on your coffee table and you’re living area will be transformed. Add candles to the table to really amp the decoration up.

White Christmas Lights

The best part about white Christmas lights is their ability to be used all year long! During the holiday season, add a bunch of strands all over your living room for that cozy, winter feel. When the holidays are over, you can leave them up for great mood lighting the rest of the year.

Metallic/Copper Flare

Recently, metallic and golds have made a comeback! Spray paint your old bulbs with coppers, rose golds, and silvers to change the look of your tree! For the complete look, wrap the presents you will put under the tree in metallic paper to pull the whole tree together!

Sparse Christmas Tree

Living in an apartment, you don’t want a huge Christmas tree taking up half of your living room and leaving you feeling cramped. Opt for the newly popular “sparse tree” so you can get your tree fix while still having a spacious apartment.

Plaid and Buffalo Pillows

For a quick and easy way to transform your home, add plaid design and buffalo style pillows to your couches, chairs and beds. These patterns scream winter without being holiday overkill! You can even use these the entire winter season instead of just the holidays!





Try a few of these holiday trends around your home this season and your apartment will be in perfect condition for all your holiday visitors! Share pictures with us on Instagram of how you decorate your apartment for the holidays!

REMINDER to Park View and City View residents: Don’t forget to join your neighbors December 14th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in your ugly sweater! Enjoy Hot Apple Cider, Cookies, and a Chocolate Fountain with a chance to win awesome prizes! RSVP to rnagy@farosproperties.com!