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How to Decorate Small for the Holidays

rebecca - Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It’s officially time to get out the holiday decorations and gear up for the Holiday Season! This might be your favorite, or least favorite part of the holidays, but it is necessary to really get into the holiday spirit! And though Decorating in a small apartment can be challenging, there are easy ways to get it done. You may want to go all out for the holidays this years, but try using these tips to keep things simple yet full of holiday spirits!

Make Good Use of Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is a vital spot in any home, and though you may want to go crazy with your decorations, you need to use limited space in the kitchen so that there is room for the important things, like cooking. Take advantage of your kitchen cabinets and use them for decorations. You can hang mini wreaths or garland along your cabinets for the perfect touch, without interfering with your cooking space. You can also purchase holiday-themed items like bowls, mugs, or potholders.

Use Light as Much as Possible

Christmas lights are essential for decorating and they are perfect for lighting up small spaces, like your apartment. Adding a strand of lights on the walls or over top of some garland will add the perfect amount of seasonal comfort that your place needs. You can even purchase mini trees with lights and place them around your living space and find ways to incorporate lights throughout your entire apartment.

Add Inexpensive Centerpieces to Fill The Empty Spaces

Centerpieces are easy, cheap, and they look great! You don’t need anything big. Keep it small and simple. Try adding different holiday elements to mason jars. You can add pine leaves, cranberries, candles, and lights. Or you could do a jar full of small ornaments. All of these items are inexpensive and when the final product comes together, it will look amazing!

Put the Majority of Focus on Your Mantle

Because you live in a small space, finding the right decorations can be difficult and your ideas may seem cluttered, but that doesn’t mean finding ways to add beautiful decorations isn’t possible. Your mantle should be your main centerpiece. Really focus on making this the center of attention. Add garland, lights, mini trees, ornaments, and other small elements to really make the mantel pop. If you live in a small space, this is the perfect way to add the big decorations that may not fit into all of the small places.

Add Holiday Scents

The smell of December really brings everything together. Invest in some holiday scented candles or air fresheners. You can even add holiday-scented soaps. Having a good looking home is important, but having a good smelling home is really what matters. And why go through all of the decorating if your home doesn’t smell up to par? Adding these scents will give your place the perfect touch of holiday cheer to seal the deal.