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Let’s Be a Kid Again

admin - Wednesday, February 3, 2016

When it comes to happiness, little kids are onto something… So why not mimic the ways in which they achieve happiness? Across the United States, “being a kid again” is trending, and who can say anything negative about wanting to relive simpler times? Multiple industries have capitalized on this niche and provide resources to help these people achieve their goals – like adult coloring books. That’s right, one way to satisfy your craving for childhood experiences is to find your inner-8-year-old self and hop on the trend of adult coloring books

Scientific studies have shown that this therapeutic trend:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Creates focus
  • Brings mindfulness
  • Switches off brain
  • Provides an opportunity to ditch technology
  • It’s an outlet for personal expression

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh has also captured this audience and offers adults that chance to be a kid again without running the risk of accidentally elbowing a little kid in the face when racing to do activities. The museum puts on quarterly 21+ events called “MAKEnights” where adults take over the Children’s Museum. Instead of sippy cups filled with apple juice, adults can drink one-of-a-kind cocktails and sample beer from local breweries. Light fare includes samplings from popular restaurants – like Bill’s Bar and Burgers located Downtown. Swapping out that diagonally cut PB&J, you’ll feel full and happy at MAKEnights. Each ticket price includes light fare, cocktails, and unlimited activities that go along with the theme. And all Faros Properties’ residents receive discounted tickets with exclusive code “faros2016.”

This month, attendees will take part in “My Snarky Valentine”where activities include:

  • Laser cutting a wooden heart with your favorite pillow talk phrase.
  • Whipping up some love potions to make your dreams come true.
  • Making your own Valentines.
  • Reliving prom night by creating your own flower boutonniere.
  • Telling someone what you really think using calligraphy on a doily.
  • Silk-screening a hanky for $3. Or be a cheap date and do it on paper for free.
  • Getting on our Kiss Cam 
  • Letting someone know you totally saw them at the gas station and they’re gorgeous with live missed connections.
  • Turning yourself into Cupid and fashion your own wings!
  • Making sure your words cut deep at our papercut station.

So for all you adults out there wanting to be kids again, just know you’re not alone.