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Meet Our Residents: City View Apartments

rebecca - Tuesday, November 14, 2017


City View Apartments is Faros Properties’ second largest apartment community. We sat down with a resident there to learn about his experience! Check out our blog below.

Q: Were you looking at other apartments while deciding on this one, and if so, why did you end up choosing this complex?

A:  I was looking at the Pennsylvanian, Heinz lofts, the Cork Factory, the Clark Building, various apartments in shady side, and various apartments in south side.  I chose City View because of the price and the court yard scenery.  Security was also a must as I was traveling a lot for my career and I was off to travel every so often.  Washington Plaza, now City View, was the most reasonably priced for the room and space.  All the features of living here (pool, lobby, gym, tennis courts, and full court yard), sold me on having a home away from home almost like a resort type of living.  Seems like the other places were way overpriced, gave a smaller feel, and the rooms were put together like a cut out. City View’s apartments are whole apartments that feel more like home in the city.  Overall in regard to the complex that’s why I stayed so long and want to stay longer.

Q: What is your favorite part of living in Pittsburgh?

A:  My favorite part about living in Pittsburgh is being in the City and experiencing the night life.  The huge difference is that I can walk or take a quick ride anywhere to fully enjoy the city.  I can never miss an event and if I feel like going to a type of town atmosphere Bloomfield and Shady Side are a bus ride away.  I especially like being able to quickly go to see the Penguins, Steelers, and Pitt Panthers from living in the city.

Q: Does the location of your apartment allow you to experience your favorite part of Pittsburgh with ease?

A:  Absolutely!  The location is right next to the Hockey arena and a short walk to south side.  I especially like that its only 20 min to drive to work and back because traffic is going the opposite way and to mention the location is next to the all major exits out of the city for the ease of access.

Q: Do you enjoy all the amenities provided by the building, like the tennis courts and the pool?

A:  Only place in the city that has a pool and it’s well worth it.  On a hot or mild day in the summer I’d like to go and experience the pool without leaving my apartment.  I feel this place is a resort type of living.  When work is stressful the amenities keep me relaxed.  In fact, many times I use the grill to make juicy stakes or the court yard to have a small get together.

Do you enjoy the events that are held specifically for you and other Faros Properties residents?

A:  Yes, I love the events.  This is a good opportunity to meet interesting people.  I especially like events where cocktails are held like sky bar and the upcoming event will be great at howl at the moon.  These events are a way for me to break out of my routine and branch out a bit.  I like to talk to new people and I’ve meet interesting people at these events.

Are you a resident of City View, Park View, or Carson Street? Email rnagy@farosproperties.com if you’re interested in participating in our blog and sharing your experience.