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Picklesburgh – It’s the Real Dill

rebecca - Friday, July 21, 2017

Pittsburgh is known for having all sorts of fun and interesting quirks, one of those being its obsession with pickles! Pickles have been a staple in Pittsburgh dating all the way back to the 1800s when H.J. Heinz began giving out pickle pins as a souvenir for those who visited his exhibit at the Chicago World’s Fair as a way to bring in guests. This small pickle attracted such a huge crowd that over 1 million of these pins were given away at the fair! Mr. Heinz’s innovated technique is one of the most iconic beginnings to modern marketing. For many years to follow each tourist of the H.J. Heinz Factory would receive one of the fascinating pickle pins as a keepsake.

Friday July 28th and Saturday July 29th head down to the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Downtown Pittsburgh to join in on the pickle fun from noon until 10pm! The festival includes entertainment, food and art vendors, and demonstrations of pickling recipes. The event has 14 different live music performances scheduled throughout the weekend you won’t want to miss! Performers on the Northwest Bank Stage and times are as follows:

Friday, July 28th

12:00-1:00p.m—Gabby Barrett

1:30-2:30p.m—Steel Town Horns

3:00-4:00p.m—Two Tall Twins

4:30-5:30p.m—Soul Raydio

6:00-7:00p.m—Lone Pine String Band

7:30-8:30p.m—Bindley Hardware Co.

9:00-10:00p.m—Nevada Color

Saturday July 29th

12:00-1:00p.m—Hobbes Duende ft. Kwaj

1:30-2:30p.m—Buffalo Rose

3:00-4:00p.m—Miss Freddye

4:30—5:30p.m—Memphis Hill

6:00-7:00p.m—East End Mile

7:30-8:30p.m—Jack Swing

9:00-10:00p.m—Emerson Jay

Food vendors are preparing spectacular pickle-inspired dishes for you to try! There will be dips, burgers, hot dogs, chips, fudge, cupcakes, pierogies, Italian ice, egg rolls, baked goods, sandwiches, pretzels, cocktails and pizza all incorporating the taste of pickles! Don’t worry there will also be ready-to-eat pickles and deep fried pickles if you are looking for the classic taste!

Other vendors will be there with pickle-themed options for you to take home! Jars of pickled goodies, pickled flavored candy, pickle jewelry and pickle fabrics will be available for purchase at the festival!

Don’t miss out on this Pittsburgh tradition!