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Quick and Easy Pie Recipes

admin - Thursday, November 9, 2017

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re dreaming of all things food, all the time. Pies are a fall staple, but we don’t always have time to slave over lattice handmade crusts. Try out these quick and easy recipes next time you’re craving a slice of something sweet.

Dutch Apple
What would any list of pie recipes be without a classic apple? Fall is after all the season for apples, so swap out the traditional dough crust top for a sweet, cinnamon sugar crumble. Fill this beauty with your favorite apples, whether that’s a handful of Honeycrisps or a batch of Golden Delicious. This recipe is so easy to throw together, you might as well make two, because its sure to be a crowd favorite!

No-Bake Nutella
This European-favorite, chocolate hazelnut spread has made a home in the hearts of Americans over the past decade, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s on toast, or a waffle, or on a spoon—we don’t judge—Nutella is a household favorite for a multitude of uses. Whipped together with cream cheese and cool whip, and spread over an Oreo crust, its comical how easy this pie is to throw together—and once you get a taste of it, it might just be dangerous how easy it is to make!

Cold Brew Coffee
If you’re anything like us, coffee is an essential part of starting the day. With this recipe, you’ve got the opportunity to come full circle and finish your day with a dessert inspired by your favorite morning beverage. With a taste compared to a perfectly creamy latte, we think this pie is the perfect after dinner treat, or even serves as a lovely addition to any brunch. With just five ingredients and a pre-bought Oreo crust, the hardest part about making it will be waiting for your pie to chill.

Frito Taco
Not all pies are sugar and spice and everything nice. This easy Frito Taco recipe proves that pie doesn’t have to be just for dessert. Not only does this recipe put a twist on tacos, it has a secret ingredient to bump up the flavor: a crescent roll base. Customize the filling however you like by adding jalapeños, refried beans, or your favorite cheese. And, while you’re at it, top it off with some guacamole—there’s no extra charge with this one.

As the weather cools down, what better way to stay warm than to hunker down at home and get cooking? These recipes are sure to be household favorites and make getting through the winter blues a little easier—and a little tastier.