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Savor Your Space

admin - Monday, August 21, 2017

Searching for an apartment brings on a lot of questions. What location would I like to be in? Will I be safe here? Is the apartment clean? But one of the biggest questions is: Where will I fit all of my stuff? Finding an apartment to fit your belongings and your budget may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! With plenty of dual-purpose furniture and DIY projects to tackle, you’re apartment will be an organized, cozy place to call home.

Below is just the beginning of many amazing ways to transform each room of your apartment and to truly savor the space you have.

The Kitchen.

Glass Table and Plastic Chairs: A transparent table with chairs allows your kitchen/dining area to look more open and it appears that the furniture is taking up less space.

Open Kitchen Shelving: Open Kitchen Shelving are visually appealing and don’t seem to take up as much space.

*Note: this only works if you keep your kitchen organized

The Living Room

Light, floor length curtains: Hanging long, floor length curtains makes your windows appear larger and the room more open. The use of light-colored curtains allows the sun to shine into the room making the room seem more airy.

Monochromatic Color Scheme:

Monochromatic color schemes appear peaceful to the eyes and allow things to seem more spacious.

Arm Rest Table: Mini tables for your armrest save you from having to take up space with end tables.

Coffee Table Storage: Coffee tables that double as a place to keep your things give you a place for storage and a place table for your drinks.

Curtain Separator: For those of you with studio apartments, using curtains to separate your living area from your bedroom presents the allusion that they are 2 separate rooms.

Large Mirror: Large mirrors can transform any small area into a more open one. The mirror makes the room seem double the size.

Good for Any Room.

Over the Door Organizer: Over the door organizers can hang anywhere from your kitchen, to your bathroom, to your bedroom making use of space that wouldn’t usually be taken advantage of. If you are a bit messy, hang it inside your door to keep it out of eyesight!

Hang Lamps: Hanging lamps from the ceiling saves floor space and table space.

Corner Shelving: You lose so much space when you leave corners empty! Get these cool corner stands and take advantage of the square footage.

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