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Summer Apartment Tips and Tricks

admin - Wednesday, June 15, 2016

It’s heating up in Pittsburgh, but that doesn’t have to affect the comfort and style of apartment living. We’ll help you cool down with these tips and tricks.

Eco-Friendly Tips and Tricks 

Air conditioning is great, but if it’s not included in your rent, it can be costly in the summertime. Check out these eco-friendly tips to try out in your apartment. 

  1. Run appliances at nighttime: For apartments with dishwashers, preload your dishwasher and start it while you’re away from your apartment or right before bed so the extra heat doesn’t affect you. 
  2. Keep your blinds/shades closed during the day: If you leave your apartment during the day, shut your blinds and curtains to keep out the sun. Your apartment will feel so much cooler when you come home!
  3. Try out container gardening: Plants need to absorb energy to function, so they take heat from sunlight. Studies show that indoor plants can cool down your apartment!

DIY Drinks & Cocktails to Sip in the Sun 

There’s no need to break the bank this summer on fancy cocktails when can get the ingredients and make them yourself in your own apartment!

  1. Cold-Brew Coffee 
  2. Mojito 
  3. Fruit Spritzers 

Take Advantage of Your Balcony or Patio

Make your balcony your own oasis! Use plants and patio furniture to pimp out your balcony. And, if your balcony gets too buggy, bust out citronella candles and bring out some fans to blow them away. Make it the place to be!