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Parking at Carson Street Commons

admin - Thursday, May 7, 2015

We know that parking can be tricky in any neighborhood and we want our residents at Carson Street Commons to have the best living experience possible.  We are aware that there are urgent parking needs so we are coming up with a solution and will be putting procedures into place soon to solve your parking problems.  For the interim, please follow these guidelines to ensure that emergency vehicles have access to the property without interference and so that you and your neighbors can enter and exit the property safely.

1. If you do not have the proper parking permit you will be towed! The numbers on your pass are coded to match your license plate # and address. Your car info and your pass address are checked.
2. All parking permits must be located on your front windshield and must be completely visible at all times. A parking pass not completely visible is subject to being towed. Place your parking permit on the inside of your front windshield at the bottom (by your inspection stickers or behind the rearview mirror).
3. There is NO guest parking. Please advise your guests to park in available street parking. No guests will be given passes.
4. Always park in lined spots as available. You are able to park in any courtyard. Curbside parking is not to be used because it is simply closer to your door. You are not permitted to block any entrance or sidewalk. Emergency vehicles must be able to drive through the property without issue or interference.
5. If you have a garage with a parking spot behind it and have more than one vehicle, you must use this space. If you do not have a garage with a parking spot, you are not allowed to park behind a garage.
6. Do not park anywhere “NO PARKING” signs are posted because you will be towed. These areas are monitored by the City of Pittsburgh.
7. Please make sure the leasing office has your updated contact information and vehicle information. This includes your phone number, and your vehicle’s make, model, and license plate.
8. You are responsible for maintaining your parking permit. We have limits on the number of passes issued per apartment. We will not reissue a pass without receiving the original pass back. This is important to remember when you are trading cars, your vehicle is being serviced, or you have a rental car.
9. If your pass is lost or stolen, you will be charged $150.00 as a replacement fee for each pass. If you do not return your pass at move out, you will be charged $150.00 for each un-returned pass.
10. Move in and move out rules: Please make sure if you have any guests helping during your move, they do not park in the parking lot. They will need to park on available street parking or in the South Side Works parking garage at their own cost. If you are loading or unloading a car from a move, you must make sure someone stays with that vehicle at all times. Unattended vehicles are subject to being towed.
11. Leaving notes in your car to not tow it because you do not have a pass, will not be accepted.
12. If you cannot make it to the office before we close, you must call to make arrangements for a permit. We are not responsible for ensuring your car has a valid permit.
13. We are not liable for any vehicles that are towed from our lots.