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The Best of the Burgh

rebecca - Thursday, September 28, 2017

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh has a pretty good reputation. We are known for our breathtaking city views, our insanely prideful sports fans, and some interesting, yet amazing food choices. It’s a city like no other and anyone that has lived here can tell you that. It’s a place that anyone can call home and that most people will never want to leave. They say it takes a special kind of person to live in a city, but Pittsburgh can be great for anyone! And here’s why:

It’s the Perfect Size

It’s small, yet big at the same time. Yes, the city itself is very small, but the surrounding areas make Pittsburgh so big. If the city life gets a little too crazy, you can travel just ten minutes to a suburb for a more relaxing feel. That’s the beauty of Pittsburgh. It’s a city that is guaranteed to make you feel at home.

The Cost of Living Can’t be Beat

Did you know that Pittsburgh’s cost of living is cheaper than the nation’s average? I know it’s crazy, but it’s true. Residents can live comfortably in a beautiful city without having the constant worry of how insanely expensive their rent is. Pittsburgh is known to be an affordable city to live in. The cost of living is notably cheaper in Pittsburgh than other major cities. That cost includes rent, utilities, food, and transportation.

The Food Will Blow You Away

We may have some weird combinations, but Pittsburgh is known for its food for a reason… it’s delicious! With a little bit of everything, you will never go hungry in this city. Some of the best food in the Burgh includes:

  • Primanti Bros.- Being the most popular sandwich in town, it’s a must have! Luckily, there are multiple locations around the city so you can never miss out the best sandwich this city has to offer.
  • Meat & Potatoes- Just like bread & butter, meat & potatoes just go together, so what better way to celebrate that combination, than by opening a restaurant in the heart of Pittsburgh? It’s just another perk to living in this great city.
  • Pizza, Pizza, Pizza- It’s the good kind of pizza… you know, the kind where the cheese melts off when you pick it up. The kind that tastes so good that you can never get enough. That’s the kind of pizza that Pittsburgh loves and has a whole lot of!
  • Burgatory: It’s like a burger and shake straight from heaven! Made with all fresh ingredients, these locally made burgers will be sure to impress you. All 8 locations around Pittsburgh will provide an exceptional experience with some great tasting food.
  • The Yard: Who doesn’t love a good gourmet grilled cheese? This local gastropub houses some of the best grilled cheese, burgers and beers in city. It’s just another restaurant that makes Pittsburghers proud.

There is Always Something to Do

We may not be the city the never sleeps, but we are the city that always has something fun to do. Whether it be attending a sporting event, going to fun bar with friends or participating in one, of the many, great events in Pittsburgh, you are sure to always have something to do!

There is reason why Pittsburgh is rated on the top cities to live in—Its one of a kind! And if you’re lucky enough to live here, take pride in this beautiful place. Attend some awesome events, become a diehard Pittsburgh sports fan, and eat as much great food as you possibly can. Everyone wants to love where they live and if you live here, that’s the easiest thing you’ll ever have to do!